The Wilde Tool Guarantee

Wilde Tools are carefully forged from the finest alloy steels. They are scientifically heat treated to give long life and satisfactory service when used on the work for which they were designed and intended. Wilde Tools are unconditionally guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship. Any tool under warranty will be cheerfully replaced or repaired free of charge when returned to the factory for inspection, transportation charges prepaid. This guarantee does not apply if inspection shows that the tool has been worn out from use, or has been abused by hammering, or has been used on an over or undersized nut, or if design has been changed by grinding or heating.

Submit a Warranty Claim

Please fill this form and attached photo of the warranted item.

Once we receive your claim, we will reply back with more information and when you can expect to receive your replacement.

We encourage you to upload photo of faulty tool. However, it is not required.

I am just a DIYr but I purchase USA tools. You know it is tough, and I know I pay more money. But it does not matter. I work for a U.S. manufacturing company. So it would be impossible to justify off shore tools. I own the Craftsman brand pry bars that they used to sell that you made. I have been stupid with them and they live. But my newest purchase is your flush fastener pliers. I got them at HJE in KC. Great product. I grew up and live in KS. So I puff my chest a bit when I show off your tools. One of my best buds is from Hiawatha. Just wanted to say thanks for really keeping made in the USA. There are still folks that care about that.

Ed, Ottawa, KS