Mission Statement

mission-visionOur mission is to provide safe & fair employment to the local community by selling professional quality USA MADE hand tools, on time, at competitive prices.


Wilde Tool is a growth oriented, widely known manufacturer of professional quality USA made products, delivered on time, which will exceed our customers' expectations and with a work environment that promotes success.

Corporate Values

Wilde Tool will corporately and individually behave in a manner which demonstrates and supports our mission and vision. Wilde Tool is run by the 3rd and 4th generations and values the concept of family ownership. Wilde Tool operates in accordance with the highest ethics and standards in all our relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, environment and the community. We value mutual loyalty, honesty, and trustworthiness in all our relationships. We consistently demonstrate that dignity, integrity and ethics can and do still exist. We believe in Wilde Tool and American manufacturing to produce the best value and quality in Hand Tools. It is our fiduciary responsibility to our employees and customers to remain financially strong and profitable by producing dependable, high-quality hand tools on-time at competitive prices. This allows Wilde Tool to grow and prosper along with our employees, management and the community.


Work Ethic

  • Foster Teamwork
  • Unity of Purpose


  • Fairness
  • Safe work environment

Loyalty, Honesty & Trustworthy

  • Both directions with employees, customers & suppliers
  • Patriotic

Dependable & Financially Responsible

  • On time deliveries
  • Quality
  • Profitable & Growing


  • Treat people with respect & dignity
  • Faith – we believe in each other