Frequently Asked Questions

Will Wilde Tool make private label items?

Yes, we do a variety of items for many of our customers. For more information on private label items please contact our sales team.

Are Wilde Tools made in the USA?

Yes, all of Wilde’s manufactured tools are made in the United States.

When can I expect my order?

For customers purchasing from a published price list, Wilde Tool will ship with in 10 calendar days ARO. However 99.5% of the time we will ship your order inside of 3 working days. For our “Special Quote” customers please allow 6 weeks for shipment to be made. Again, however, orders posted ASAP, Wilde Tool will make every effort to ship earlier per your request.

Can I buy individual tools or do I have to buy standard packs?

Yes, you can buy individual items. The price listed on website is for the individual price of each item.